Why is Landscaping so Expensive?

Landscaping may often seem a less important aspect of a construction job than the building itself. Yet, the final landscaping cost can come as a surprise in both domestic and commercial projects.

Several factors influence the cost of a landscaping project, and learning about them can help you understand the work’s value.

When seeking tenders for landscaping work, ensure that all the elements have been included in the initial quotes. This will help you make a fair comparison and ensure that the quote you receive is honest and accurate.

This article will detail the different aspects of landscaping and explain why landscaping is so expensive.

Size and Complexity of your Landscaping Project

It is impossible to estimate average landscaping costs as there is so much variation between projects. It is not just the size but also the complexity of the design and any special features that will impact the overall cost by a considerable amount.

Think about installing a large lawn compared to incorporating a courtyard with seating, lighting, walkways, roads, a pedestrian area, and feature trees.

Design Costs

Landscaping design is a skilled profession that requires years of experience and qualifications to do well. The quality of the initial plan will determine the project’s final outcome.

It will involve initial consultations, site surveys and drawings with estimates to bring together a well thought out plan. The design must consider the natural elements and environment of the site that will affect the implementation and maintenance of the landscape.

Practical elements such as irrigation and drainage must not be neglected.

The process benefits from excellent collaboration with project managers to ensure that the design will achieve the purpose and aesthetic required. Exceptional landscape design will bring together professional knowledge to balance an attractive appearance with function based on your initial ideas.

Cost of Landscaping Materials

Landscaping materials include hardscaping materials and softscaping resources.

Hard landscaping could include paving for pathways, asphalt for roadways and paths, bricks, and cement for borders and edging. It is vital to consider the affiliated costs, such as drainage materials.

Your hardscaping may include hardcore, sand, soakaways or drainage channels. It will also include electric installations, lighting, security, and water features.

Your choice of materials will significantly affect the cost. High-grade materials may last longer but will require a bigger initial outlay.

Choosing plants that will work in the environment and be sustainable may involve spending more. If you want to achieve a mature scheme faster, you will need to purchase established plants and trees at a higher cost.

Labour Costs

Landscaping work is hard, and labour costs can often be underestimated. A landscaping project can take longer than you think, especially if there is plenty of clearing to do before work can begin.

Much of the work will require experienced contractors working alongside labourers. The team is likely to be large to keep to the agreed schedule.

Using an experienced team of professional landscapers means utilising innovative tools, technology and techniques, and modern environmental practices. You will benefit from speedier completion and a durable design that will last.

Equipment Costs

Even smaller landscape projects will require some machinery to move soil or dig out areas. You may need dumper trucks and even a mobile crane to move large hardscaping pieces into place.

It isn’t only the cost of machinery hire but also the cost of fuel that will add to the expense. With fuel prices on the rise, this can add to the overall cost.

You may also require skilled or qualified workers to operate machinery.

Waste Disposal Costs

Landscaping produces a surprising amount of waste when the earth is dug out and old planting is removed.

It is essential to use a licensed waste carrier to comply with regulations and ensure disposal is carried out safely and legally.

Alternatives include grab lorries or skips, which will all bring additional costs but are vital if you are to comply with the law.

Employee Welfare

Long projects that require a team of workers may also require facilities such as toilets or a canteen as on any other building site.

These additional costs will be necessary to protect workers and comply with employment regulations.

Big projects may involve using a temporary site office which will be hired and delivered and used to manage the project.

Health and Safety Costs

UK laws are pretty rigorous regarding health and safety on a construction site. Using adequately trained operatives on machinery and getting work inspected will rightly add costs.

Initially, there will be risk assessments to ensure that all the risks have been considered to prevent accidents and injuries.

The British Association of Landscape Industries provides advice regarding health and safety on landscape projects. It goes without saying that health and safety are areas that should never be compromised to save costs.

Environmental Costs

We all know that sustainability is vital when it comes to protecting the environment. Local regulations may even require you to address environmental concerns when putting forward your plans.

Landscapers must have a sound knowledge of environmental impact issues, sustainability and protection of wildlife, natural habitats and vegetation.

It is also essential to follow the rules regarding protecting rare species, which can involve a considerable delay while experts decide on appropriate action.

Surveys may need to be carried out by specialists to ensure the correct process is followed.

Final Thoughts – Why Is Landscaping So Expensive?

You can see that landscaping involves more than planting a few shrubs or simply laying a path. In many cases, there will be many stages to complete as the project is carried out.

Employing a commercial landscape company with many years of experience will often help you understand the costs involved and ensure that you can stick to your budget by making economic choices.

Choosing the right landscape company can also help you save money in the long run. They will be aware of the issues that could affect a potential project and make allowances for them in the initial design.

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