How To Find The Right Residential And Commercial Landscaper For Your Project?

Finding a commercial landscaper that you can trust with your precious project is not easy. Understanding their capabilities and reputation requires a little investigation before you approach them.

You may be making a sizable investment, which means finding a contractor who can offer you value and excellence. You could have several companies to choose from, so making the right choice is essential.

When you need to find a landscaping company that can deliver your scheme, you must consider several factors. Your enquiries can help you differentiate between various landscapers.

Take a look at this handy guide that goes through the areas to consider when searching for the right commercial landscaper.

What landscape services do I need?

It’s a good idea to think about precisely what you are looking for, whether it is a new design, a redesign or maintenance of an existing space. Narrowing down your requirements will help you focus on your options.

Many landscape companies focus purely on residential, while others do commercial spaces. Make sure that any landscape company you contact has the right experience to cope with your commercial endeavour.

You may think that contractors offer the same services, but they are not necessarily the same. It is best if you do some research before you start.

Some landscapers specialise in a particular aspect, but others offer teams that provide all the services.

Examples of Services Offered by Commercial Landscaping Companies

  • Hard and Soft Landscaping – If you want to find one landscape company to complete both the planting and building sides of your project, you need to ensure that they offer soft and hard landscaping services. A complete service will provide a perfect collaboration to create a harmonious effect.
  • Landscape Design – Landscape design specialists will work with you to create the hardscaping and soft scaping required to bring your vision to life. They will consider the materials, the planting and extra features that will complement each other to produce a beautiful space.
  • Landscape Construction – Landscape constructors will put in place the hard and soft landscaping required, along with the use of specialist contractors to do the finishing touches such as electrics. A comprehensive service will include planting, turfing, water features, walls, fencing, drainage and other amenities.
  • Landscape Maintenance – Ongoing aftercare can include cleaning, repair, pruning, lawn mowing and tree surgery.
  • Drainage – Drainage must be considered at the outset to ensure that excess water is dispelled from the site. Drainage may also be required to prepare for optimal planting and lawn care. The contractor should be aware of any building regulation compliance needed.
  • Lighting – You may require lighting as a safety measure or want some mood lighting to enhance the ambience of an area. It can be incorporated as an integral part of the hardscaping by including lighting design from the beginning.
  • Landscape Enhancement – Other services may include focal points, seasonal flower displays, planters, tree removal, or trimming services.

Do they provide sustainable landscaping?

With the Government’s commitment to improving sustainability in the construction industry, it is essential to ask about the possibility of considering the environment when undertaking any form of landscaping.

By including sustainable or recycled materials and considering using water-saving design features, you can significantly impact the environment. Sourcing local materials may also help with your carbon footprint.

You may find that planning for sustainability from the beginning will help you save money in the long term if the landscaping company enables you to choose energy-efficient options.

Even if sustainability is not their specialism, having a conversation allows them to provide evidence of areas where they can help you go greener.

What are their accreditations?

A good landscaping company will have a blend of experience and qualifications to design, deliver and look after a range of projects.

Industry qualifications and accreditations can give you peace of mind when choosing a landscaping company. Look at the landscaper’s website to see what evidence they can offer of their experience and expertise.

Look for membership of accredited organisations and ask about the qualifications of team members. It is also sensible to check the company has adequate liability insurance for the size of your project.

Some Landscape companies will have awards for their previous work from National Landscape Awards. These are good indicators in the UK of innovative and high-quality artistry.

Finally, ask how they check the specialist contractors they work alongside to ensure they are adequately vetted.

Ask for recommendations

Understanding the capabilities of a commercial landscaper is vital if you want them to deliver your project.

One of the best ways to find out about a landscaping company is to look at testimonials and evidence of past projects. This research can help you understand the quality of the services they offer and gather a good idea about their reputation.

Many companies offer details and photographs of previous projects to help you see the scope they offer. As well as being a good reference, they can also give you some aspirations for your own space.

If your project is particularly large or unique, it can be reassuring to see that a landscape company has dealt with similar sized jobs. It means they will understand the type of problems that could be encountered, and they will be ready to deal with any issues that arise in your project.

Ask about Customer Service

Taking on a big project is more than the price, initial design, construction or aftercare. You want to know that any concerns or questions you may have will be dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Landscaping is a highly visible part of any project, and trusting a commercial landscaper to deliver your vision in a timely and professional manner is extremely important.

Your budget may dictate that you choose a commercial landscaper based on price. Still, it is worth remembering that the quality of your project’s landscaping can significantly impact the success of your overall project.

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