Project Description

Wimbledon Hill Park was completed over two years comprising of hard and soft landscaping in three main areas.

  • Main central podium.
  • Surrounding landscaping surrounding the building on open ground.
  • MOL – Conservation area.

Main Podium

The main central podium was phased as per building finished with full drainage board and void former with light weight soils due to loading with a central water feature with four quarter beds with specimen plants. Kings installed all block paving, Paving on all the steps, structural walls for brick work, kerbs, planting beds, grass areas, and all soft landscaping.

Wimbledon Hill Park, London



 Surrounding landscaping

The surrounding landscaping comprised with pathways around the building with green security fencing around the boundary.  Kings installed a terrace sleeper wall system was very difficult in construction as a structural element with concrete foundations with metal uprights with holes made in the sleepers, so they slept down in situ.  The soft landscaping was a mixture of ornamental and woodland planting due to the location next to a woodland area.  Kings also installed the playground and install geo-web over the tree roots to reduce any compaction under the canopy of the tree.

 MOL – woodland areas

There areas were top soiled and seeded with wildflower and native trees planted.

Extra works

Kings completed extra works on phase 2 with block paving and new lamp posts, and new bin store, also we completed civil works with concrete structural walls, pipe work, and excavations for drainage and connections. Kings also over the two years completed tree works on the main London plain trees on phase 2 and the marketing suite.

Also, the marketing suite got moved twice so there extra work in soft and hard landscaping to the show room to a highest standard.

 Main site issues

The levels were difficult with 3–4 meter difference from one side of the building to the other so there was people moving in so sometimes we had to get landscaping areas completed to people moving in which may not be to the program.  the detail in which we had to work in very tight areas of work with most if not all the materials had to be stored in the underground car park.