Project Description

Kings Landscapes were the appointed tier 1 Landscape contractor for hard and soft landscaping at 33 King William Street working directly for the client.  The New build project included the construction of a 10 storey building with a roof top garden, a ninth floor living wall with a terrace looking out over the river Thames.

King’s scope of works included the following:

Develop stage E drawings into construction drawings to be issued to Kings Sub-contractors to procure and install.

Project manage the works from point of order ensuring design, procurement and construction flow in line with the principle contractor’s practical completion date.

BMU housing installation, Importation of soil, Steel edging, Paving, Planting, Decking, North and South Staircase from floor 9 to the roof garden furniture and a Living wall.

Urban Street Designs were employed as the BMU housing fabricators and installation sub-contractors.  The CAD file with the BMU rail location was used and templates were made up using laser-cut thin strips of steel using high-tech software. These templates gave the locations of the brackets used to hold the BMU housing in place. There are over 800 brackets installed in total to both sides of the two rails. 

The galvanized walls to the BMU housing were bolted to the brackets using a spacer bar to ensure the gaps remained consistent and the grilles would fit. Issues were experienced at this stage of the project with the BMU. It was discovered the BMU rails were not installed completely level thus the BMU motors fouled the housing Kings had installed. The resulting issue was resolved quickly by dropping the housing into the insulation to compensate for the rail. The housing installed has a tolerance of 5 mm throughout the installation.  

33 King William Street Roof Garden







Soil and sand was lifted to the roof as soon as the storage area was available. HB Reavis employed a structural engineer to advise them of additional supporting measures which could be installed to increase the point loading capabilities of the slab. The resulting implementation of extra support meant Kings could crane over 280-ton bags of lightweight soil and washed sand and store it until construction of the roof garden could take place. Ton bags were lifted on pallets so they could be easily transported around site when they were required.       

Stainless steel edging was designed by Kings Landscapes with 100mm drainage gaps cut to the lower section of the strips. The strips were fabricated in 304 grade stainless steel 2.5mm thick with a rolled 5mm top. This allowed the edging to be flexible enough to achieve the radii required around paving and decking. Where required this edging was strong enough to install in straight sections as well forming a barrier to soft landscaping around the perimeter of soft landscaping.