Benefits Of Commercial Landscaping

Landscaping is often an afterthought in commercial development, yet first impressions are vitally important. Offices, shopping centres and residential developments all benefit from having an exterior space that provides an attractive welcome or a great aesthetic.

Creating a sympathetic yet unique space can make a big difference in how it is used and appreciated. It is an investment that will pay dividends in attracting clients and customers to a setting.

There are many reasons why you should consider your landscaping, and this guide will show how many benefits could be gained by re-evaluating your design.

Advantages of Commercial Landscaping

Attractive landscaping is not only pleasing to the eye, but it acts as a reflection of your brand. A well maintained and designed space will undoubtedly add to your reputation, but it is not the only reason for prioritising landscaping.

Enhanced Health and Safety

Professional landscaping takes into account the health and safety aspects of your exterior space. By considering health and safety, you can minimise the risks to your customers, visitors and employees.

Drivers will appreciate well-trimmed shrubbery and trees to avoid compromising their views at entrances and exits. Reducing potential accidents is a vital aspect of landscaping design.

Well designed and maintained hardscaping provides a safer surface for pedestrians. Keeping pathways clear will also allow pedestrians a safe walkway when traversing your space.

Landscaping includes lighting, which can be a significant factor in security for your users and helping them to feel safe.

More advanced aspects of security include planting to deter trespassers from accessing your property. Defensive landscaping is a way of minimising places for people to hide and keep intruders away.

Catch your Customers’ Attention

Visitors and clients will automatically judge your business as they approach your premises. Therefore, it is vital to make an impact on them that matches your objective.

If you want to make a positive impression on people, you should think about what kind of design will create the atmosphere you want to achieve.

Trends in landscaping design cover not only the hardscaping design and materials but also the greenery that you choose to plant. It is not just a case of choosing planting that suits the soil and aspect of your space but also the style that will have the greatest effect on your users.

Whether you want a traditional, modern, unusual or artistic appeal will depend on your audience and property style. You may want to create a sense of calm, or you may choose to build a sense of drama or make a talking point in your design.

Improve staff Wellbeing

A study in Sweden found that outdoor spaces in urban areas can improve wellbeing. With mental health being such a focus for companies, it is great to consider this when redesigning an outdoor space.

The benefits of fresh air for mental wellbeing and productivity have been well researched. It makes sense to provide an appealing outdoor space and encourage employees to take their breaks outside.

Spending time outside will improve oxygen levels to the brain and revitalise employees, but being able to see an attractive garden from an office window is also a way of reducing stress even from their desks.

Return on your Investment

The good news is that investing in landscaping is a worthwhile way to spend your money. It is thought that successful landscaping can add value to your property.

Property Companies suggest that homes increase their value by 11% if they have well-maintained landscaping. This increase could significantly impact profits for an extensive residential development for a property developer.

Similarly, any commercial development will increase in value if the outdoor space creates an impact and looks well designed and maintained.

Even if your property is not for resale, it will prove to be a sound capital investment for the future.


Being an environmentally friendly company is essential with the current focus on climate change. Creative landscaping can make a positive difference to your green credentials.

Your planting choice can quickly improve your eco credentials with the placement of deciduous trees to keep the sun away from your building in summer to reduce the energy used on air conditioning. Additionally, the sparse branches will allow the sun to warm the windows and lower heating bills in winter.

Landscape professionals are also adept at protecting wildlife and local vegetation to protect the natural environment. They can also use their extensive knowledge to plant drought-friendly plants to reduce water consumption throughout the summer.

Low Maintenance

If you already have an outdoor space, you may have learned the hard way that unsuccessful landscaping can create a surplus of ongoing maintenance that is both costly and time-consuming. Battling with weed-infested borders and unruly plants is demoralising and gives the wrong impression to visitors.

Creating a low maintenance space with creative use of materials and clever use of hardscaping can help create a tidy and attractive space all year round. It may prove cost-effective to change your landscaping now to improve ongoing maintenance costs, saving you money in the long run.

Many low maintenance plants and materials can be used in a new design to reduce maintenance. When you choose a professional landscape company, it is worth talking about the upkeep from the outset and choosing a company that can provide you with a complete installation and maintenance package.

Choosing Commercial Landscapers

Whether you have some ideas of your own or whether you need advice, it is recommended that you approach an experienced landscaper who can take care of all your commercial landscaping needs.

At Kings Landscapes, we offer a range of services that could help you make the best of your exterior spaces and promote your business.

As an award-winning landscaping company, we have years of experience in the industry and a wealth of delighted clients.

We have many case studies on our website to inspire you and give you some fantastic ideas. Why not contact our team today to make some enquiries about landscaping your outdoor space.